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About me

Hi, this is me, Tara. I am a lifestyle photographer that specialises in weddings and family photoshoots. I enjoy photographing the connection between people and all those special moments that are shared. My style is very natural and non-posed and I try to make the whole photography process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Natural light is my favourite, so you will often find me outside, laying in the grass or climbing up a tree for that shot. I do however work with flash when needed and I am always prepared for any lighting situation.

Photography has always been a love of mine, for as long as I can remember, and as a child I used to spend hours outside photographing plants and anyone that would let me.

Family is so important (whether that is the family you were born into or have made) and capturing those moments and milestones for you to be able to treasure is a real honour.


5 Things about me
  1. I love plants and I am on a secret mission to turn my house into a rainforest

  2. I met my husband in Antigua where I was volunteering for The Environmental Awareness Group

  3. I have two gorgeous sons that I adore

  4. I have an MA in Digital arts and a degree in fashion. One of my first jobs while taking my degree was a street style photographer for a trend prediction company.

  5. I may be slightly addicted to buying books.

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